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Customized Solutions and Specialized Equipment

Attentive to the specific needs of each client, we have expanded our offer to include the supply and rental of a wide range of equipment. Our fleet includes ferries, tugs, containment barriers, containers, tanks and baskets, among others, all designed to offer complete support to the demands of the environmental segment.

Experience and Continuous Innovation

With years of accumulated experience, S2LOG specializes in creating customized solutions that meet each client's exact needs. We have a robust fleet of trucks, special trailers and various other equipment, all aligned to provide superior quality services.

Commitment to Excellence and Sustainability

Our commitment to continuous improvement is evidenced by the tireless development of our processes, quality standards, emergency plans and environmental actions. This commitment led us to obtain a series of Environmental Licenses and special authorizations, including those necessary for the management of Healthcare Waste (RSS) and Oil and Gas production and extraction activities, both in Onshore and Offshore operations.

Focus on Customer and Security

At S2LOG, safety and integrity in operations are fundamental pillars, as well as the valorization of human capital and the continuous development of our innovation capacity. We are aligned with the best market practices, always focusing on the customer and effective delivery of results.


At S2 LOG, we are committed to providing customized, integrated and competitive solutions that meet the highest standards of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SMS) and Compliance in waste management, integrated logistics and equipment rental services, designed to meet the specific needs of each client.


Our vision is to be recognized as a reference of excellence in waste management, integrated logistics and equipment rental services. We aim to lead the market with innovations that promote efficiency and sustainability in our customers’ operations.


Security and Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of security and integrity in all of our operations.

Valuing Human Capital: We invest in the development and well-being of our employees, recognizing that they are the ones who drive our success.

Capacity for Innovation: We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services and solutions.

Customer Focus: Our goal is to exceed customer expectations, ensuring excellence in service and results delivered.

At S2 LOG, each service is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality, sustainability and the success of our customers.

S2LOG: Specialists in Integrated Environmental Management since 2017

Founded in 2017, S2LOG quickly established itself as an innovative reference in Integrated Environmental Management, serving diverse markets, with a special focus on the Oil and Gas sector. We have significantly expanded our operations to include general road logistics, in addition to solid waste management and liquids, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

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