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Innovation and Excellence in Equipment and Services

Our operations include the rental and supply of specialized equipment to meet the specific demands of each client, aligning our practices with the best on the market in terms of safety and innovation.


Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Compliance

S2LOG is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its processes and to obtaining Environmental Licenses and authorizations that comply with current regulations for the management of Healthcare Waste (RSS) and other critical operations in the Oil and Gas segment. Our corporate governance is deeply aligned with the commitment to maintain safe, responsible and sustainable operations.

Integrated Environmental Logistics

We offer integrated environmental logistics solutions, serving each project efficiently and responsibly.

Maritime Logistics
Port Support

Safe and efficient transport of cargo and passengers, specialized support for diving and bathymetry services.

Road Logistics
Interstate Freight Transport

Safe and compliant transportation of hazardous, non-hazardous and hospital waste, following current regulations.

Equipment Rental

We offer modern and well-maintained equipment, ideal for various industrial operations and demands.

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